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Welcome to my PGP Guide. I've been an avid PGP user for many years, I've given several talks on PGP, organized PGP key signing parties, and written various tools around PGP.

This site covers everything from an introduction to PGP, to when, why and how to use it. It also covers using it from various MUAs, the various types of PGP signatures and when the pros and cons of each. You will also find some tools to help you visuaulize your PGP web of trust, and more.


PGP Keys

PGP and Email

NOTE: The following pages assumes you have GnuPG installed per the instructions above! You must complete that setup first.

Graphing Your Web of Trust

Slides of PGP Presentation

Here are the slides to some of the PGP presentations I've given. Each one is an updated version of the last, so your best bet is to view the most recent:

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