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Everything you've ever wanted to know about PGP, and then some.

A page that shows how really handle SSL including running a (mostly) PKIX compliant CA with openssl.

My Linux Site
A growing collection of Linux help.

The IP Filter FAQ
The Official IP Filter FAQ

My Solaris Site
(Warning: Heavily out-of-date) Various how-to's, tips, and tricks.

Cyrus IMAPd and Multiple Domains
How to set up Cyrus with multiple virtual domains cleanly, with usernames being just 'username' and domain coming from IP the client is connecting to. Covers Cyrus and MTA configuration, including SSL support.

ATA/IDE/EIDE Transfer Mode Reference Page
A chart of ATA/ATAPI/IDE/EIDE standards to PIO/DMA/UDMA modes to transfer speeds. Neat, clean, and color coded so you can understand it all.

UNIX Run Levels
A list of Run Levels for Various Unices

Windows Maintenance
For all of my friends who keep asking me why their windows machines are so slow.

The MSS Initiative
An initiative to stop people from breaking the internet.

IP Tables State
State Top for IP Tables, my first open source software.

A program to do various checks on X509 files such as certificates, CAs, CRLs, and bundles.

Mime_dump is a configurable utility to parse and output various MIME pieces of a MIME message in various different ways for debugging or viewing if complex MIME documents.

Concordance is software to program Logitech(R) Harmony(TM) universal remote controls.

PGP Individual UID Signer
Software to help automate the verification and signing of many UIDs on many keys.


My Resume [ HTML | Text ]
For anyone who wants to hire me.

Insanity Palace of Metallica
A large-scale Metallica website I design and run. IPOM receives 100,000 - 200,000 hits/month, is a very dynamic site back-ended in Perl/CGI and MySQL, and has thousands of dynamic and static pages serving tons of information and content in a well-organized manner. All HTML, Perl/CGI, and SQL was written by hand (in vi, jove, or wordpad).


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