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07/05/19 3.0.0 Released!

PIUS 3.0.0 is a major upgrade. This is a full move to python 3 (python 2 is no longer supported). PIUS 3.0.0 also drops all support for GnuPG 1, including support for cached-passphrase and interactive modes (agent mode is now the only mode).

In addition this release supports XDG standards. Specifically the config file is now in XDG_CONFIG_HOME (usually ~/.config/pius/) and the state file is in XDG_DATA_HOME (~/.local/share/pius/) on platforms that support that. We fall back to the previous ~/.pius/ on other platforms.

Options have also been made consistent across binaries and pius-keyring-mgr now supports all the same mail-server options as the other binaries.

All users are encouraged to upgrade.

02/09/19 2.2.7 Released!

PIUS 2.2.7 fixes various small bugs in pius, adds a several new features into pius-report and pius-keyring-mgr, and fixes some documentation bugs. See the Changelog for details. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

03/18/18 2.2.6 Released!

PIUS 2.2.6 fixes keyring importing in pius, adds support for EC key types in pius-party-worksheet, and fixes some documentation bugs. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

03/17/18 2.2.5 Released!

PIUS 2.2.5 adds python 3 compatibility, better error messages, and a variety of bugfixes. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

02/28/17 2.2.4 Released!

PIUS 2.2.4 is a security and bugfix release. All users should upgrade as soon as possible. It fixes a bug where pius-keyring-mgr used short keyids which can let rogue keys into your keyring. It also improves support for newer versions of GnuPG. See the changelog for details.

01/16/17 2.2.3 Released!

PIUS 2.2.3 is a bugfix release: it fixes various several pius-report issues and a crash. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

01/17/16 2.2.2 Released!

PIUS 2.2.2 is primarily a bugfix release: it fixes various gpg2 issues. In addition, it adds a new --force-signer option, makes it clearer how to override the default mail text, and fixes problems with the spec file.

10/08/15 2.2.1 Released!

PIUS 2.2.1 is a bugfix release. It fixes some problems in the new gpg2 handling introduced in 2.2.0, fixes some debug/verbose logging issues, and fixes Mac support. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

10/02/15 2.2.0 Released! GnuPG2 Support

PIUS 2.2.0 has been released.

This release adds GnuPG2 support at long last. This is planned to be the last version to support GnuPG1 - provided GnuPG2 support turns out to be stable.

In addition we've added a new tool, pius-report which can analyze a party keyring and remind people who haven't your keys to do so (via email).

As always, various bugfixes are also in this release. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

04/07/15 2.1.1 Released!

PIUS 2.1.1 has been released. This is a simple bugfix release that fixes a crashing bug. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

03/09/15 2.1.0 Released!

PIUS 2.1.0 has been released. This version moves to always using long keyids internally for security. Short keyids are now easy to forge, so it's important to always use long keyids. We recommend setting keyid-format long in your ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf. This release also includes a variety of bugfixes and some significant code refactoring.

03/29/13 2.0.10 Released!

PIUS 2.0.10 has been released. This version includes a variety of bug fixes, compatibility with GnuPG2 and an update to email preferences that are more friendly to common email providers.

03/12/11 2.0.9 Released!

I have released 2.0.9. This is a is a significant release. In addition to many bug fixes and support for newer versions of GnuPG, it also brings in two new utilities!

pius-keyring-mgr will greatly improve the life of keyparty organizers. It allows you to build and update party keyrings from CSV files and mboxes as well as trim existing keyrings. pius-party-worksheet - a utility to generate party worksheets - has long been available on our website but is now a core part of PIUS.

Please note that the Changelog in this version incorrectly attributes the fix to 3073359 to Tom Knight, when it should have been attributed to kos Frohner. This is fixed in CVS, and our apologies to both users.

09/19/10 2.0.8 Released!

I have released 2.0.8. This is a bugfix release.

2.0.8 fixes a bug where multiple keys with the same UID text would get skipped during signing, as well as a bug where PIUS would fail to cleanup its temporary files.

03/04/10 2.0.7 Released!

I have released 2.0.7. This was released to fix a regression introduced in 2.0.6.

This regression was a crash when keys were expired or not signed (#2962342). We also now test for the presense, and prompt in the absence of the gpg binary.

Sorry for the slew of releases, hopefully this will be the last needed bugfix for a while.

03/01/10 2.0.6 Released!

I have released 2.0.6. This release closes a potential security hole (leaving unencrypted, but signed public keys around).

In this release we sort the keys when signing all keys on a keyring so the prompts are easier to match to the party sheet.

This release also stops using quoted-printable for key mime part to enable people to manually decrypt-and-import without a PGP-aware MUA.

Finally, this release also switches the key mime part to be application/pgp-keys type to allow for compatibility with Evolution and greater RFC compliance.

All users are encouraged to upgrade.

02/27/10 2.0.5 Released!

I have released 2.0.5 which fixes critical bug #2960095 which caused some keys to be sent out corrupted. It also adds a new feature that you can specify which level to sign each key at.

02/13/10 2.0.4 Released!

In preperation for SCALE I wanted to get a release out the door with the features that have been sitting in CVS, namely config file support. Most of this code was contribued by Matt Brown - thanks Matt! Grab 2.0.4.

04/26/09 2.0.3 Released!

I have released PIUS 2.0.3. It fixes a typo in 2.0.2 which prevented proper error reporting when a key didn't have an encryption subkey (PIUS would raise an uncaught exception instead of reporting the error and moving on). Since 2.0.2 was supposed to fix this bug but didn't do it properly, I'm releasing this immediately. 2.0.3 also contains a small output formatting tweak). All users are encouraged to upgrade to 2.0.3.

04/22/09 2.0.2 Released!

I have released PIUS 2.0.2. It fixes 4 small bugs in handling of error conditions and error reporting. All users are encouraged to upgrade to 2.0.2.

02/28/09 2.0.1 Released!

Due to a minor bug I just found while signing keys for the SCaLE 7x Keysigning Party, I've released 2.0.1. If you noticed every few keys on a keyring were detected as invalid, you were affected - please update to 2.0.1.

02/07/09 2.0.0 Released!

We've just posted 2.0.0! This version is a huge step forward! My favorite feature is PGP/Mime support. The emails we send out, by default, are now PGP/Mime encrypted and signed instead of encrypting the file manually and attaching it to an email.

We also now support STARTTLS and SMTPAUTH when sending email and we minimize keys as well. In addition many default options have changed so that the most common options are on by default - so be sure to check the README!

There are a slew of other changes such as code cleanups and better error catching and reporting. See the Changelog for details. So what are you waiting for? Go download it!

02/06/09 1.7 Released, Sourceforge Project, Site, 2.0.0 Beta

I've just release version 1.7. It has a minor bugfix where 1.6 would claim some email addresses passed to '-m' or '-n' were invalid. This release is in a tar.bz2 format with the README and Changelog. The tarball and the signature file can be found at the download link above.

In addition to that, you'll notice PIUS now has its own website much like the rest of my software. You will also now find the code in CVS. I've imported most of the history and tagged each version.

Finally, the next-generation version of PIUS, version 2.0.0 is fairly stable at this point. You can find it on the pius_2_x_branch branch in CVS, or download it directly from ViewVC. Note well that that many default behaviors and options have changed and I encourage you to read the README on that branch. However, it has a ton of new and cool features (see the Changelog on that branch). So please, test it out and let me know. I'll probably release it sometime this weekend.

02/02/09 1.6 Released

Needed to fix a bug where we would assume a key was bad just because of one expired subkey.

02/01/09 1.5 Released

This version handles bad UIDs and bad commandline options much better. You can also configure mail server host/port. Various other fixes, see Changelog

01/28/09 1.4 Released

Minor bug fixes, see Changelog.

01/28/09 1.3 Released

Better error handling, better UTF-8 support. Add ability to override email text, email TO, code abstractions, and various output cleanups. See Changelog.

11/22/08 1.2 Released

Adds ability to email off keys to respective users, handle UIDs without email addresses, some UI tweaks, handle conflicting filenames, and other changes. See Changelog.

11/20/08 1.1 Released

Move to using the filedescriptor "API" in gpg and get -p working in general. Fix various bugs, add use-agent mode, make various things configurable including tmpdir, outdir, sig level, and other things. See Changelog.

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