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Jaclyn Swedberg Straddles My Ride

The Playboy Morning Show ran a “Have a Playmate Straddle Your Ride” contest in which the winner would have Jaclyn Swedberg – Miss April 2011 – recreate her pictorial (which was on a Harley) on their bike. I entered. I was a finalist. And despite not being the winner, Jaclyn was kind enough to do […]

Coolest Tool Ever!

As many of you know, I’ve spent the last few years fixing up 2 old motorcycles. When working on anything older – especially if someone else before you owned it for a while – there’s a very good chance of running into stripped bolts. And by stripped bolts, I mean the head is rounded so […]

Ready to register?

KC and I worked on the bike again tonight. Tonight’s list was: – Put front wheel back on – Replaced bolts for exhaust – Replaced the air filter with a proper one – Replaced clutch cable – Tuned clutch – Took it for a spin It seems like it’s ready to get registered! I’d like […]

Fuck Yeah!

I got the fucking bolt out! If you’ll remember in a previous post I mentioned that a bolt was stuck in my engine. Well several attempts and a lot of frustration later, I decided today was the day it was coming out, and damnit, I’m proud the fucker is out! Some WD-40, a lot of […]

Bike Update

KC and I took off the rear wheel tonight. This required removing the exhaust pipes, sadly. And one of the bolts that holds the pipes to the engine block… broke. So I have half a bolt in my engine block. It’s not clear if I can remove this myself or not, but once my rear […]

Pictures, Tires, etc.

Just when it’s all almost done… it’s not. KC’s been bugging me for pictures of the cleaned bike, so they’re below. Today I replaced the other spark plug, opened my gear-box cover and lubed the other side of the clutch cable, and tightened the drain on the left carburetor’s float-bowl (which fixed a gas leak). […]


So today Lynn and I changed my brake fluid and bled the brakes. We also changed one of my spark plugs (sadly, one wasn’t right and I gotta go pick up a new one), and then washed the bike. Man was that thinkg fucking dirty! First let me just say, how cool of a fucking […]

Vroom vroom!

What could be better then Alias and Queer Eye for the Straight Girl? Well, obviously, just about anything, since Queer Eye for the Straight anything can ruin even something as wonderful as Alias. Anyway, “Alias, cookies, and getting your bike started” is the correct answer. KC and I worked from about 4:30 – 11 tonight […]

Second bike update for the evening

So the jets sat in cleaner for several hours. They’re finally clean. So I reassembled the carburetor. I may order new seals — if we can get the wiring fixed, that is. Anyway, I believe the carburetor is finished now (short of getting the darn thing back in there, which if it’s as hard to […]

Oops! (Bike Update)

Note to self: electrical fires are bad. So KC and I, with a lot of work, got the carburetor out and apart tonight. The jets are now soaking in carb cleaning fluid. But while dismantling pieces of the bike, we might have had a small spark that might have caught a wire on fire which […]

Another Bike Update

It has been requested I take pictures. Be forewarned, they’re not pretty — the bike is old and in pieces. But pictures are provided below. Also an update: – Got the oil changed (on this bike oil and tranny fluid are the same) – Got the electrical system happy – or at least happier. I […]

Bike Update

So I bought a motorcycle this weekend. No, wait. Last weekend, actually. So far this week I’ve: – Had a key made for it – Purchased and installed a new battery – Drained the gas tank and refilled it – Cleaned rust off of a handful of electrical contacts – Attempted to replace the sparkplugs […]