I ran into multiple problems while setting up Cyrus IMAPd 2.0.x and 2.1.x to serve multiple domains. Here are some of them, and their solutions. Since most of these are not specific to one version of Cyrus IMAPd, I've put them all on this page.

  1. Cyradm can't connect!

    This is usually due to one of three reasons: 1) The Cyrus master isn't running 2) You're trying to connect to localhost (but are running all your services on specific non-localhost IP addresses). Try cyradm 3) You've disabled regular IMAP in your cyrus.conf. Regular IMAP is required for cyradm. Reenable imap for each of your domains, then feel free to use tcpwrappers, your firewall, or both to prevent access to it.

  2. 'imapd' isn't being found!

    I had a small problem with Cyrus IMAPd 2.1.4 trying to install some stuff in /usr/local/local/*. Check to see if this happened to you as well. If it did, then simply do:
    $ su -
    # cd /usr/local/local # cp -r * ..
    # cd /usr/local
    # rm -rf local

    BECAREFUL don't accidentally delete all of /usr/local, you'll be in trouble!

  3. I have configured Cyrus IMAPd for Secure IMAP and/or pop, and it seems to be listening on that port (993 and/or 995), but it doens't do any negotiations or respond to any commands.

    Check that ssl actually got compiled in. Check through your imapd.log to see if it complains that SSL is necessary. Also check your config.log (in the build directory) to find out if there were any problems with ssl (grep ssl config.log should tell you).

  4. I'm using the SQL method, and I'm having horrible problems compiling!

    Try downloading a fresh version of Cyrus SASL 2.1.5 and not patching it and compiling. If that works, then try removing your build directory, extracting a fresh version, patching, and make sure that you have libtool installed. Then don't forget to do:
    $ autoheader
    $ autoconf
    $ automake -i

    If you still have problems (but can compile unpatched source), it may be a problem with Simon's patch. Drop him a polite email with lots of details and exact error messages.

Last Updated: 06/23/02

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