Concordance Support

Please start by checking our Supported Models page to make sure your model is supported. Then, be sure to check our FAQ to see if your question or problem is answered there.

If you would like help using concordance, the best option for you is to join the concordance-devel mailing list (check the archives first). It's low-traffic and that's the best way to get the developers' attention. Please do not email the developers directly.

You can also use the tracker at our project page to file bugs, support requests, or feature requests. This is generally a good idea if you think you've found a bug, however also emailing the -devel list will get you a faster response.

It's worth noting that the "forums" on that page are not well watched by the developers.

Finally, please make sure that when you email us or file bugs that you are using the latest stable version. The project is very young, and things are changing very fast. We're fixing bugs and adding support at a fast pace, and until that slows down, the best thing to do is use the latest release. Also, please be sure to include relevant information like the version of concordance, libusb (if linux), and kernel as well as exact steps that caused the problem. If the problem is with compilation, please include the output and version of your compiler.

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