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04/27/22 Concordance 1.5 released!

Concordance 1.5 is officially out! This adds support for HTTPS communication and a variety of fixes. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

04/06/15 Concordance 1.2 released!

Concordance 1.2 is officially out! This version includes support for the Ultimate One, 350, Touch, and Home Hub, and fixes a crash some users experienced in Concordance's website communications. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

03/28/14 Concordance 1.1 released!

Concordance 1.1 is officially out! Probably the most exciting news is that Windows and Mac support have been significantly revamped and improved! In fact, we are even now providing a Windows installer. This version also adds Harmony Link support, fixes firmware backups, a variety of USBNet remote bugs, and a variety of other small bugs. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

04/16/13 Concordance 1.0 released!

We are extremely excited to announce the release of Concordance 1.0! This release adds support for a slew of new remotes including the 200, 300, 890, 895, 900, 1000, 1100, and Harmony One! It also fixes/improves support for the 688 and 785 improves our udev support. And of course, there are several bugfixes. All users are highly encouraged to upgrade!

03/18/12 Concordance 0.24 released!

Concordance 0.24 is officially released! This release fixes 5xx remotes, adds modern udev support and fixes compilation with GCC 4.7.

08/28/10 Concordance 0.23 released!

Concordance 0.23 is officially released! This release fixes the python bindings and windows support. All users are recommended to upgraded.

08/01/10 Concordance 0.22 released!

Concordance 0.22 is officially released! This release adds support for the Harmony 700 remotes, a slew of bugfixes and better error reporting.

03/08/09 Concordance 0.21 released!

Concordance 0.21 is officially released! This release adds many new features including firmware update support for the 5xx line of remotes, significantly improved IR learning support (including learning more than one key in a session), and integrated udev support.

In addition, a slew of bugs have been fixed, documentation has been updated, code has been cleaned up, various language bindings have been improved and updated, and several useful options had been added.

04/13/08 Concordance 0.20 released!

Concordance 0.20 is officially released! It's a very major release for the Concordance project! A slew of new features have been added including: firmware updates on some remotes, significantly improved auto-detection mode, support for more platforms, better handling of failure modes, better windows build support, and better learn-IR support.

In addition, Concordance's core functionality is now contained in a shared library called libconcord which has a documented API as well as perl and python bindings. Several clients already exist.

Finally there have been a slew of bug fixes, documentation updates, efficiency improvements and stability updates. We've moved to autoconf/automake for consistency, have significant code cleanup, and more.

I'd like to thank all of the people who helped make this release possible, as you can see from the Changelog, this release had a lot of contributors! Thanks to you all!

02/29/08 Press Release: Version 0.13, Project Rename, Library Split

The following press release announces a new version (0.13), a renaming of the project, and a split of our codbase into a shared library and a cli. This press release can also be found in text form here.

Press Release: 02/29/08

The Concordance developers are excited to bring you the 0.13 release. This release brings a slew of bug fixes, code cleanup, and a few minor feature updates. It is recommended that all users upgrade.

In addition, we'd like to announce two major changes to the project.

Project Rename

Effective immediately we will begin the process of renaming our project to Concordance. Version 0.13 is the last version released under the harmony or harmonycontrol name. All future versions will be released under the Concordance name. The next version is expected to be called 0.20.

We feel the new name will better respect any trademarks and prevent any confusion between our project and Logitech's software. This will also make it easier for people to package and distribute our software. In addition, it gives us a unique name and presence.

Between now and the next release, the website will be in transition so you may see both names.

Library Split

In addition to renaming the project, all future versions of Concordance will be split between a shared library, libconcord, and a UI, concordance. The majority if this work is already done in CVS and will be merged and finalized for the next release (most likely called 0.20).

Libconcord encapsulates all of the work to talk to, read from, and write to the various remotes and devices we support and exports an easy-to-use C API. The library will be cross-platform (in CVS it already works on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows), and we plan to provide bindings for a variety of higher-level languages. Having a separate library with a clean API will allow user-interfaces to be written by anyone. This means it becomes simple for someone to write a platform-native UI that works best for that platform without having to worry about the details of interacting with the device. We believe this will allow a variety of UIs that best serve end-users.

Concordance is a cross-platform CLI interface that utilizes libconcord. Concordance will look and feel exactly like previous versions of our software did - and in fact, it's the UI code split out from the older code. In addition to an official, simple, and default user-interface, it will also serve as a test-driver for the library.

Planning for the Changes

Packagers should plan for having to split their package into two separate packages as well as any transitional packages required to make the rename smooth for their users. If you are unsure of how to do this, you may want to look at how your distribution handled the rename of the Gaim project to Pidgin.

02/19/08 What's going on?

We haven't been very vocal lately, but I assure we've been busy. A bigger news story will be posted in the next week or so, but I thought it'd be nice to give you a sneak peak.

First of all, 0.13 will be out soon (within a week). It's mostly a bug-fix and cleanup release. In addition to fixing several bugs, it cleanups up the output and adds the various project files to compile the source in most Windows compilers.

However, following that we'll be preparing for a much bigger release. 0.20 will follow 0.13 by a week or two and will include both a rename of the project and a split of the code between a shared library that anyone can use to talk to Harmony remotes as well as the CLI you're all used to. This will allow various UIs to be developed by whomever is interested in doing so. It will pave the way for a Windows GUI, a UNIX GTK/QT/whatever GUI, a Mac Cocoa GUI, a Firefox plugin, and whatever else people can think of. Hopefully we can be involved in such projects, but we're making the library so that anyone can write against them allowing the best applications to be built with a minimal of duplicated effort. 0.20 will also include new features such as firmware updates for some remotes!

So I know things seem quiet, but our developers list has been very busy with feedback, contributions, and work, so stay tuned!

01/11/08 Version 0.12!

We've posted version 0.12 which includes the improved support for automatic mode detection and better documentation.

01/10/08 More Docs!

We've added a Supported Models page and a FAQ to the site! Hopefully that makes things easier for everyone!

08/31/07 Version 0.11!

We've posted version 0.11 which includes the fix for the harmony website errors as well as much improved documentation (including a man page)!

08/27/07 Web Errors Solved!

You may have run into a problem where the site wouldn't let you update anymore and would give you a "Unable to load Memory Model" error. We've tracked this down to a bug in our HTTP response, and there is a patch here! The fix will of course be included in the next version.

08/07/07 Version 0.10!

The Concordance team is happy to announce version 0.10! This release sees bugfixes for all architectures and all remotes with existing support. Version 0.10 also adds limited support for the 890/1000 series. Other features such as a --no-web option, and reading/setting time are also included! So check it out, and let us know what you think. And feel free to jump on the devel list at sourceforge and discuss it with us!

07/29/07 Site Launch

The Concordance site is here. It will probably change over time, but this is just a basic site to talk about about what we are and what we do. Currently version 0.9 is the most recent stable version. However, since this project is so young, CVS is usually pretty far ahead of any released version.

We'll probably try to get a version 0.10 out soon with all of the fixes in CVS soon. Until then, stay tuned!

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