Posted by lynn on Oct 20, 2006 in News

So I know I haven’t posted in a while. During the on-campus session I stayed at the Historic Lincoln Hotel, which is very, very awesome, but very, very without the in-room internet access. Not very blog-friendly, really. I enjoyed my trip because it’s always so nice to see all my school buddies and experience life outside of LA for a while. I also enjoy it because I eat horribly – utterly terribly – during my visit. Seriously, it’s like I go, “Um, could you put some cheese and gravy on that?” whenever and wherever I eat while in C-U.

I also liked my classes. We installed Apache and Greenstone on the school Linux servers for my DIL class (wheee!) and Information Modeling was, well, Information Modeling – but that was fun too. I always learn so much in each IML class that my brain hurts just a bit when the session is over. Oh! I also learned that New Balance sneakers are apparently the sneaker of choice for UIUC. I swear, everyone had them.

Alas, post-visit, I have fallen behind a bit. The burnout and crazy stuff going on at my workplace has caused me to slip. I’m turning all my assignments in on time, but I’m having to skip a lot of the readings in order to get other stuff done. Here’s the (sorta) good news: I’m having knee surgery on Monday! I get to stay home for two weeks! I’ve got tons of time to do school work! I really, really hope to start catching up next week. First order of business will be knocking my second IML assignment out of the way and then I’ll move on to the reading. Wish me luck.

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