If only they made bumper stickers, or had an honor roll, for that matter.

Posted by lynn on Aug 3, 2006 in News

Two perfect scores. I did not miss a single point in either class for this semester. Yay me.



Posted by lynn on Aug 1, 2006 in Random

I’m officially done with my fourth semester of school. I wrote those three papers. I be done. I don’t have to worry about school for at least a week and a half.

As usual, thanks to Sarah and Phil for proofing a thousand papers.

Thanks to some of the librarians at USC for letting me use them as guinea pigs for my reference projects.

Thanks to Macromedia for making Dreamweaver, which also helped me get through my web design class.

Enjoy the break before my next pre-semester freak out. Only two more semesters to go.

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