Damn, it’s HOT

Posted by lynn on Jul 23, 2006 in News

A+ on the user guide, y’all. Yeah, baby! Cop out my ass!


You can probably tell that the end of the semester crunch is starting to get to me. While I think I finally have my web redesign project sorta done (man, CSS can be a bitch, especially when it comes to tables), I gotta write three papers in the next two weeks. I can totally do it – I just don’t wanna. I’m tired and HOT. Did I say HOT? Because it’s HOT. Stupid HOT. Africa HOT.

LA is not normally HOT. I mean, it crosses 90 every once in a while, in August, for a day or two, and we all bitch about it. It does not cross 90 in July, for two weeks straight. LA also is never humid, which has been all week long. The last two days have been particularly bad. I’ve been sticky all weekend. I hate sticky. So anyway, it’s made working over a warm laptop in a very warm apartment (with no air conditioning) very miserable.

Oh well, in two weeks the semester will be over and I’ll be on a plane to Cancun so I can have that rendezvous with the swim-up bar.

I’ll stop my whining now and get back to work.


Just hadda share…

Posted by lynn on Jul 18, 2006 in Random

So, remember how, in the last post, my “peer” said making a web page for our user guide assignment was a “cop out”? Yeah, well I geeked out and made a special CSS stylesheet for printing out my user guide, so now my assignment looks awesome on the screen and on paper. Take that, beeoootch!

Take in the glory that is my user guide on human rights:



Almost done with 4

Posted by lynn on Jul 16, 2006 in News

The end of semester four is in sight. Word of advise to anyone going to grad school and working full time:

Don’t take 8 units during the summer.

My classes aren’t hard, per se – at least the content isn’t. There’s just so much work. I’m doing assignments every, single, day. Besides, all the other maniacs who signed up for 8 units and who don’t find the content easy get very bitchy and defensive.

I’m in a “peer group” for reviewing assignments for my reference class, and one person has a screen image in her Word document that looks awful on a screen and when I print it out. She tries to put an entire web page in like a 1/4 of a printed page. So, since I’m supposed to give her feedback, I tell her that the image is blurry and she might want to do something else with it. She writes back, admits it’s blurry, and asks for suggestions. I give her three suggestions, only one of which is that she turns her assignment into a web page, and I get this message back (copied to the entire group) about how her image prints out just fine, making a web page is a “cop out” (my assignment is done as a web page, mind you), and she wants feedback from other people. Damn. I wrote her back with a simple “if it prints out fine, then don’t worry about it” note and silently decided to let her hang herself. No more feedback from me. We get graded, by the way, partly on how well we work with others in our group, so I’m not going there with her.

I guess I’m a little stunned because while I’ve worked with flakes on group projects for class, I had not yet encountered a crank. I guess I was lucky to go this long.

At any rate, I’m looking forward to the end of this semester. Neither of my classes are bad, but they aren’t exactly inspiring either. I’m also getting a bit burned out from doing all this work.

Almost done….almost done….

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