Back in the Wardall Again…

Posted by lynn on Jun 10, 2006 in News

Ah, the dorms. I can happily say that they haven’t gotten worse; in fact, they’ve gotten slightly better with the addition of air conditioning controls and an eliptical machine.

I arrived in C-U much later than I had planned last night due to a delayed flight and an odd taxi cab ride. The taxi ride involved a driver with 13 kids, a woman who refused to say directly where she lived, and an Australian who would constantly yell, “JESUS CHRIST!” and talked a lot about the French Revolution. Yeah, it was a long ride. Thankfully, I had my Skymeal to keep me happy.

Oh my gosh, y’all: Skymeals, rock. I had the European brunch thingie, and not only was it enough food to feed me all day long, it was yummy, came in a koozie thing with ice packs and had a cute little salt n’ pepper shaker shaped like a plane. Worth the $$, y’all.

Anyway, it’s raining and chilly-ish here (60s), and Reference was okay. Mostly boring, but okay. The people in my peer group are nice, and I think the work shouldn’t be too hard to do. The reference tools we’re working with, like Infoplease are cool, but I’m still pretty sure I don’t want to be a reference librarian. After years of tech support, I’m kinda done answering people’s questions directly.

Tomorrow is Web Design, and I have slightly higher hopes for that.


Another semester, another trip

Posted by lynn on Jun 7, 2006 in News

So I fly out to Champaign once again this Friday. Instead of putting the on-campus session mid-semester, the summer semester kicks off with the trip. I kinda wish it wouldn’t, but then the semester is only 7 weeks long. I guess I understand.

Work has been ugly, y’all, and it’s taken a lot out of me. I’m not feeling my best, mentally, physically or emotionally. Not that I won’t give school my all – it takes priority over work for me, really. I just don’t feel like I’ve got the drive I had the last two semesters.

As for my usual pre-semester freak-out, it’s not nearly as large. I think it will be do-able, although I’m sure there will be some moments of panic here and there. The material looks easy enough: the problem is that it’s all crammed into 7 weeks instead of 15. But here’s my semesterly list of things that really concern me anyway:

  1. Both instructors have been changing the syllabus daily, even the assignments for the first day of class which is only days away.
  2. My reference class calls for a lot of reading, and a lot of it seems redundant.
  3. Boy, there’s an awful lot o’ stuff crammed in those 7 weeks.

I have no doubt I’ll survive though. I always make it through somehow.

Anyway, this trip is a quickie: I arrive on Friday night, and I leave on Monday morning. I don’t know how much blogging I’ll do or how many pictures I’ll take. I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?


Librarian Dress Up

Posted by lynn on Jun 2, 2006 in Favorite Links

Thanks, Sarah, for these fabulous links:

The skirt I need to make

More librarian fashion


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