So, um, hi!

Posted by lynn on Dec 30, 2005 in News

So, yeah, hi! I know, I’ve been a bad blogger.

I have successfully survived another semester of school. I came out with two A-‘s to show for it, and I’m totally okay with that.

I’m guessing I got an A- in my Information Organization class because I didn’t “participate” much and because I didn’t do as well on the metadata project as I would have liked (no one did, actually). I was shocked by the A- in my Electronic Publishing class; I was sure I’d get a B+ in that one. The final exam was a killer and took me about 14 hours to do, not to mention the fact that my instructor’s expectations have always tended to be a moving target. Go me!

So what did I learn from this semester?

* Having people (Phil and Sarah) proof your papers is always a good thing.

* Don’t do school projects on something “close” to you: for our relational database group project, one guy insisted that we work on his German newspaper collection (sad, huh?). Because it was so dear to him, he insisted certain things work certain ways and hence we lost points because of it.

* Don’t work on group projects with Todd. He either doesn’t do his part and pleads that he was “sick” or he waits until the last minute and supplies something full of errors. Nice guy, but a total flake.

* Procrastination isn’t always a bad thing. I’ve developed this weird habit where I either clean or bake when I don’t want to do school work. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; roomie Sarah sure isn’t complaining.

* Despite not doing awesomely well on the metadata project thingie, I like metadata. It’s kinda neat.

* Playing with XML is fun. Good grief, I’m a such a nerd.

* Articles about data mining are BOOOOORING!!! Data mining in itself is kinda cool, but I’d rather scrub my eyeballs than read about it.

I shall be applying these new lessons this coming semester, which starts on 1/18 for me. I’ll be taking Cataloguing (notoriously hard) and Use and Users of Information (also notably difficult). I guess this means I won’t be watching much TV this Spring either.

Two semesters down – four more to go.

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