Bite me, Spammers!

Posted by lynn on Apr 21, 2006 in Housekeeping

I just wanted to publicly thank Phil for installing the optical barrier for comments entry. I was starting to get 10-15 spam comments on this blog a day, and Phil, Spam Killer Extraordinaire, stayed up extra late and helped me out. Thanks, Phil!

BTW – Only three more weeks of classes. Thank GOD!


Have you noticed?

Posted by lynn on Sep 8, 2005 in Housekeeping

Have you noticed the really weird stats for this page? Check the sidebar.

I’ll I gotta say is that if you’re looking for information on herpes and you find this page, you have got to be seriously disappointed. Maybe you should talk to a librarian about finding better resources. ;)

Anyway, I’ll post an update on my school adventures shortly.


Library Humor

Posted by lynn on Jul 11, 2005 in Housekeeping

Eventually I’ll get around to putting a list of links in the sidebar – once I figure out exactly how I want to do that. When I do, I will put Unshelved on that list. You’ll just have to click on the link in the previous sentence for now.



Posted by lynn on Jul 5, 2005 in Housekeeping

Oh. I should tell y’all that I’m still new to this fancy blogging software, so expect things to be tweaked/updated/changed frequently. I swear I’m not trying to mess with your minds.

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